Andrea Vasiliou


Hey!!! I’ve recommended melo cbd to so many people.They all love it, I’ve been sent some other brands but yours is honestly the best.Thank you so much it’s a real game changer! 


Reformer Pilates Instructor

I've been taking @live.melo CBD for the last few months and I'm loving the results. I feel calmer, more relaxed and less anxious.

I usually take it in the evening and have noticed such an improvement to my sleep.I'm able to fall asleep a lot easier and I'm waking up a lot less during the night. I also use it on the days when I need that extra little bit of self care.

Cameron Moore


Have been using Melo Black for 3 months now and it’s firmly secured its place is my night-time routine. As soon as I use it my body seems to know it’s time to wind down and my sleep has been excellent. Highly recommended.

Antoine Vollmer


"As an athlete my recovery is very important. I found with MELO, one of the best tools to get the most recovering night, thanks MELO"


Great product. I use before going to bed and have not slept so well in years! Packaging, service all first rate. THANK YOU

Jonathan Dick

Health & Human Performance Coach

Great quality product & service to match!

Taimur Khan

Good service. Quick delivery. And the best results for a busy lifestyle.

sylvester savyell

Amazing product! BEST CBD out here 👏🏼