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Sleep Is A Superpower

Why Sleep?

Sleep is the single most important element of your wellness practice, it starts and ends your day. It is the warm-up for your brain and the shield for your hormones and immune system.


Sleep unlocks our potential for greater performance. A poor sleep affects reaction time, decreasing production of glycogen and carbohydrates that are stored for energy use during physical activity, leading to increased fatigue and low energy.

Cognitive Function

Learning and understanding does not occur when we are awake. Comprehension is a memory stored into your long term memory bank. This mostly happens during sleep when the hypothalamus is most active. Without sleep, learning, focus and creative thought are reduced greatly.

Hormones and Immunity

Now, more than ever, our hormones are being affected by many external forces we can not control - technology, nutrition and stress. These imbalances can cause disruptions in homeostasis leading to weak immune systems and increased cortisol. Quality Sleep + CBD can regulate and balance these hormones, strengthening our natural systems to protect themselves from modern life.

Introducing Melo Black

How to Use Melo CBD

To experience the true effects of MELO CBD. we have to go through a "loading phase".

Taking 20mg before bed and 20mg during the day. Do this for seven days. Loading phases are common in products like creatine that naturally occur in the body.

Spray 4-5 times under the tongue and wait forty seconds to one minute to ensure maximum absorption.

Melo Black

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Join Our Customers Who Are Already Enjoying The Benefits Of MELO

"As athletes, one of the biggest obstacles to improving athletic performance is muscle recovery. MELO takes care of that! Since launch, I can't imagine not having MELO as part of my daily routine."

Inid Leksina - Head of REINFIT

"As an athlete my recovery is very important. I found with MELO, one of the best tools to get the most recovering night, thanks MELO"

Antoine Vollmer - Triathlete & Senior Equinox Trainer

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