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Anxiety, A Silent Crisis

A Silent Crisis

Anxiety affects us more than we know. Our day to day pressures are ever increasing and the weight of "compare culture" puts more concerns in our heads than ever before. Living with anxiety affects not just your mental wellbeing but also your physical health.

Anxiety Cycles

Anxiety can lead to poor sleep, diminished performance and greater mental health problems. These issues compound each other in a cycle of negative emotions. MELO can break the cycle.


Focused diaphragmatic breathing is an essential tool for mental health improvements, reducing cortisol and promoting blood flow to the brain.

Healthy Is A Habit

Being healthy is a luxury most of us can afford. However we have to work at it, put in the time now to ensure we can have Melo days ahead.

Introducing Melo Pure

How to Use Melo CBD

To experience the true effects of MELO CBD. we have to go through a "loading phase".

Taking 20mg before bed and 20mg during the day. Do this for seven days. Loading phases are common in products like creatine that naturally occur in the body.

Spray 4-5 times under the tongue and wait forty seconds to one minute to ensure maximum absorption.

Melo Pure

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Balance, Bottled

Join Our Customers Who Are Already Enjoying The Benefits Of MELO

"As athletes, one of the biggest obstacles to improving athletic performance is muscle recovery. MELO takes care of that! Since launch, I can't imagine not having MELO as part of my daily routine."

Inid Leksina - Head of REINFIT

"As an athlete my recovery is very important. I found with MELO, one of the best tools to get the most recovering night, thanks MELO"

Antoine Vollmer - Triathlete & Senior Equinox Trainer

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