Muscle recovery and regeneration as a whole should be considered an art form because it is truly unique to you. Observed and judged by your own assumptions and critics of self. 

Sometimes negative self talk will have us believing that we did not deserve it. But muscle recovery, just like any other phase of the training process should be looked at as a macro process with a plan and goal in mind. 


Without it we leave the potential for growth on the table. 


When training efficiently we use the principles of progressive overload, slowly increasing stimulus intensity to achieve a greater end product. This is the beauty of the human machine: our abilities to adapt to a positive stimulus to enhance our performance.


During this process we have three key phases, training, recovery and super compensation. 


Training as stated is an adaptation over time and super compensation is our ability to increase baseline level as a result of training. 


So what is recovery?


That time in which we do very little and hope that the body recovers efficiently. 


It may be our biggest misconception that recovery plays a very small role in our ability to change. 


It is our recovery that is underpinned, misunderstood and most forgotten but acts as the central pillar to our ability to be better than we were yesterday. 


It is not our overtraining that limits our potential. It is under regeneration that places limitations on our growth. 



Muscle recovery is a key aspect of this recovery period. 




What is self myofascial release?


Your muscle is bundled together by fascia, these bundles hold your muscles together. 


Rolling the fascia for recovery has a few great benefits.


To increase nutrient-rich blood flow to muscles that need it great for muscle recovery. 

To improve the mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints - Important during training because mobility can be sometimes neglected in exchange for strengthening certain movement patterns. 

To increase athletic performance. 

To recover from exercise faster.

To reduce inflammation and remove toxins/chemical waste products.

Longer term, to break down adhesions in muscle and connective tissue.




The future of recovery device’s is here. The new generation of the overly loud massage devices are impeccable. Great for immediate changes to pain and performance, it has become an essential tool of me for post workout muscle soreness.