Have you ever eaten something healthy and felt really proud of yourself to have someone maybe a trainer turn around and say why did you eat that?

It is so common is the world of wellness magazines and health gurus that pop up every so often claiming the miracles of a product that will ultimately give you the body you desire, the relationship you want and all the money you'll ever need.

Unfortunately, in a world that is constantly TRENDING, we are following the currents of waves that may be disingenuous. Claiming benefits beyond the product capabilities or not providing enough information to clearly define how the product should be used i.e soya milk*, mct or butter in coffee* and fat loss pills*. All still sell a significant amount of product every year but is the juice worth the squeeze.

We see it constantly in the CBD industry.

Misinformation and poorly conceived products with fancy packaging to persuade you into a purchase. Products and ingredients that seem healthy on the surface then are “infused” with CBD to create a product that really doesn't make sense. Take Coffee and CBD for instance. both individually very good products for stimulation and relaxation respectively. However, put them together and you have a product not seen since the match of Vodka / Red bull. Anyone who has laid in bed unable to fall asleep at 6 am in the morning only to wake and feel miserable the next day will understand the need for a deeper look into the products we buy and the products people create. Just a quick sciencey bit, if your goals are to use CBD as a sleep aid, then the match of coffee and CBD is backwards. As you can imagine Caffeine has a half-life of 7- 10 hours (Studies vary) meaning it will still be very active in the brain firing those synapses at night time long after CBD has worn off, it's half-life is 6 hours depending on your dosage.

Also aside from the fact it's a little bit creepy packaging up something that's seen as a 'grown up' product in gummy bear sweets traditionally meant for kids, the very concept of delivering a pure, plant-based botanical with incredible health benefits in a sugary jelly just doesn't make any sense.

Over the years, fats have been demonised, when all along, sugar was the real health bomb waiting to go off. Doctors and scientists now know that the obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes crisis the UK is facing is, in the main, down to the UK's preferred diet of processed, sugary, carb-laden foods. When we eat carbs, the body turns them into their constituent parts – sugars.

Eating excessive amounts of sugar (and heavily processed white carbs that are pretty much sugar) leads to metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, chronic health conditions such as heart disease, weight gain and obesity, premature ageing, poor dental health, fatty liver disease, cognitive decline and, at best, fatigue and lethargy. And let's be honest, have you ever eaten the recommended daily allowance on a pack of Haribo? I assume they have one. I have never seen it because my relationship with sweets is just like everyone else are. THEY ARE SWEETS.

CBD, when taken as pure oil, has health benefits including pain management, promoting better, more nourishing sleep, managing anxiety, improved recovery from exercise and supporting better focus and concentration.

Why then, take CBD with a spoonful of sugar? Sorry Mary Poppins, but it doesn't help the medicine go down really, does it?

Melo is a team of luxury wellness experts and our bullshit radar is exceptionally high and we understand that we have to explain and educate to our clients the right foods, habits and behaviours that lead to a healthy lifestyle. We worry that despite CBD having an incredibly profound effect on our sleep, anxiety and sense of oneness. That still doesn't change the fact that other companies maybe not have your best interests at heart. We aim to bring you high-quality CBD products that align with a healthy lifestyle not against it.