So, confession time. How many articles on CBD oil have you read? The chances are you’ve looked into CBD oil really carefully before deciding which product to buy.

CBD oils have been incorporated into gummy bears, creams, pills, vapes, you name it. Yet it’s only the CBD itself that has the beneficial properties. Not the unnecessary chemicals that it often comes wrapped up in. You just want the unadulterated oil.

Melo CBD oil is delivered by a sublingual spray. Just quick, accurate dosing to improve your wellness.

You will know by now that the benefits of CBD oil are clear. But here’s a quick reminder!

Reduce Anxiety & Pain

The Journal of Experimental Medicine found CBD to reduce chronic pain by reducing how much discomfort the brain recognises. And that exact same study also found it to reduce anxiety. It was used on people that had a social anxiety disorder who were put through the ordeal of public speaking. The human guinea pigs found they suffered less discomfort and cognitive impairment. A fuzzy brain to you and me.

Blood Pressure

A fit heart is essential for good health. These are stressful times and an increase in blood pressure can result in C-reactive protein flowing into the blood stream. This is an indicator of heart disease. You can avoid your health deteriorating to that level by taking CBD to reduce your blood pressure.

Reduce Stress

Stress can also affect your mental health. Cannabinoids interact with serotonin which regulates your mood making CBD oil a natural antidepressant.

Improve Your Sleep

Here’s another tip to keep your mental health tip top. Get a better sleep. CBD oil results in a better nights’ sleep as your levels of cortisol are reduced. That means there is a good chance you will wake up less in the night and have more REM cycles of sleep. This is the vital period of the sleep cycle when toxins are removed from your brain.

Clear Skin

You can’t deny we all look a lot fresher after a good nights’ sleep. But did you know the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil are also thought to work well on acne. This nightmare skin condition can also make a very unwelcome appearance later in life as our hormones start to change again.

Improve Performance

So that’s your pretty face sorted but your body beautiful will also benefit from taking a CBD oil supplement. It makes your workout feel so much easier. Glutamate build-up is reduced during strenuous exercise as CBD connects to CB1 and CB2 receptors and prevents the release of certain neurotransmitters. This lets you handle inflammation and pain much better.

So, you’re committed. This CBD stuff sounds amazing. And it is. It’s your new best friend. But which one do you finally buy?

Sublingual CBD Spray

We know there is a lot of competition out there but not only is the quality of our product top class, we’ve even thought about how you introduce it to your body. You simply spray Melo CBD under your tongue.

  • Faster & More Efficient

This gets the CBD into your bloodstream in the fastest way possible. Research highlights how the mucous membrane allows the active ingredients to bypass the digestive process. Further studies make the point that, with it missing the digestive system, the CBD isn’t metabolised through your liver. So, you need a lower dose to get the same results and you use less product.

  • Accurate Dosage

Most oils on the market come in an eye-dropper style bottle. These don’t deliver particularly accurate doses. The CBD oral spray takes the guesswork out of dosing and delivers pre-measured doses with a squirt.

  • Safe & Easy To Use

A spray is simply safer than a glass dropper. The CBD oil is ruined if the dropper breaks in the bottle. Travelling with that design is not a good idea. Melo CBD is packaged to make travel easy.

We’re all busy and our product can be used one handed when feeding the children, working from home and generally being a super-person.

Understandably, we have all become more hygiene conscious. Taking a dropper in and out of the CBD oil increases the chances of introducing germs into bottle. And for the clumsier of us more chance of knocking it over and spilling the precious contents!

  • High Quality

Melo CBD oil is certified organic. Our crop is grown in the clean air of Zeiningen in Switzerland. The quality of our CBD oil is reflected in our packaging.

Now, make this the last CBD oil article you read and get a more Melo life.