Enter CBD oil. Like me, you probably haven’t used CBD Oil consistently throughout your life. So why change this lack of practice to a daily ritual. 

Supplements are an interesting product element of life. As a trainer for the better part of a decade, I have for the most part been anti supplements. Or rather the wide-ranging list of emotion-driven supplements such as fat burners, skinny teas and other supplements that suggest unrealistic solutions to a deeper more habitual and behavioural problem. 

For me, I am a sceptic. I need evidence and I need real-world application. The second part of this is super important because a lot of these supplements may “scientifically” produce some of the results they suggest. However, what they fail to explain is the real-world application. The results found are in studies made in strict conditions, with certain dietary needs and a particular age group and so on. I remember the biggest marketing tool ever was the Lucozade sport advert. Hydration is better than water. This ad was based solely on one study “Carbohydrate Electrolyte Solutions Enhance Endurance Capacity in Active Females’ Link here. The advert was subconsciously banned for breaching advertising codes but the message had been received. 

This is the importance of real-world application, as Lucozade may be beneficial in certain situations but drinking Lucozade before or during a gym session is not a real-world application for general populations. Some may argue post-workout for some recovery benefit, but not during training to improve performance.  

Reduced anxiety is one of the more significant reasons for taking CBD oil. The world is rife with it. It is in our schools, our colleges and universities, the workplace and at home. But if you have never been told or openly discussed what anxiety is. How are you meant to adjust, manage and live with it without affecting you? 

I was never aware of the impact of anxiety until taking CBD oil. Until understanding the day to day differences in mood and tension. If day to day I was previously a 6/7 of happiness on Melo days I was 7/8 this, during a tail end of a long term relationship. 

Real-world application.

So how do we ease MELO CBD oil into our daily lives?

Let’s start at the end. 

The end of the day. 

Preparing to have good days should also be preceded by the preparation for that.

Mainly sleep. 

One of the most important aspects of wellness we neglect is the quality of the time spent unconscious. 

Bedtime rituals are very necessary for the natural rhythm of the sleep-wake cycle and melatonin release, which can be affected by blue lights from screens.

What do you do before bed?

  • Shower

  • Skincare ritual

  • Brush your teeth

Could we simply add 

  • Five sprays of MELO CBD before the brushing of teeth. 

  • And 30 mins of no screen time before bed. 

Two small elements of habit that could set up a better, happy day tomorrow. 

Now morning routine

Again what do you do?

  • Reach immediately for the phone & laptop

  • A big mug of coffee

I hate to say I am the same. 

But sometimes my mornings look like this.

  • Resist the urge for the phone and laptop.

  • A big mug of coffee

  • Stretch - Yoga - Move. 

30 minutes to yourself, for yourself. 

CBD and coffee ultimately are counterproductive and not necessary together. 

Don’t believe the CBD focus marketing nonsense. 

Daytime CBD drops are best served during the mid-afternoon after the morning rush and the stress and the random judgements and the workload. This is the time for a #melomoment

Taking 15 minutes to decompress and receive some clarity.

This is the best practice. I would recommend continuing this regularly for 7 days as a sort of loading phase. Then to use sporadically as you feel your sleep quality suffer or your mood wane. 

Mixing it up

As a fat-soluble liquid CBD oil is great when paired with good fatty acids, fishy oils, avocados and so on. Science shows that a greater amount of CBD has been found in the bloodstream during a high fatty diet

So how do we maximise this?

What we don’t do is take the spoon to the nut butter and say it’s for my mental health!

We work efficiently with smoothies.

Avocado based smoothies are great to maximise the transport of CBD oil 

Here is a great little recipe.

  • 1 - scoop Hermosa Vanilla Protein

  • 150ml Coconut Milk

  • 1/2 Avocado

  • Tablespoon - Chia Seeds

  • Handful - Dates

  • Half a banana

Nut based smoothies are also efficient. 

  • frozen banana

  • frozen blueberries

  • frozen mango

  • almond butter

  • protein powder 

  • almond milk