swiss made cbd

Your new BEDTIME ritual.

MELO CBD is a natural SWISS GRADE CBD oil. The therapeutic and regenerative benefits are lauded by cultures old and young. MELO’s ingredients are free from gimmicks providing you with the most health-inducing benefits.



FOR a Sustainable Society.

We believe that MELO CBD is for all that deal with external forces at play. These forces push and pull us through life.
That leaves us anxious, stressed or struggling.
As humans, we have been altering our mental state for thousands of years.
Caffeine in the middle east to peyote and native Indians, mental manipulation has in some way been the most human of cultures. Caffeine, changed our entire societal evolution by becoming more focused and analytical. We revolutionised mathematics and science, started an industrial revolution and invented the coffee break.

We have been trying to explore the meanings behind our spiritual experiences for decades. Finally, science can do its job and learn what we consciousness know already.

These compounds are a part of the natural ecosystem of earth, so were we once.

And as the earth becomes more and more unnatural, we must return to our most natural solutions.

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What is MELO?

MELO is a movement towards the future of elevated wellness. We believe that we are entering a new age of mental manipulation in which a natural counter is necessary to counter the unnatural.

Rising anxiety and depression has placed the future of society on a divergent path.

Ego and ideology are quickly separating humanity into groups and subsections of people.

We fear for the loss of human consciousness that singular thread that binds our empathy and kindness. CBD oil and other plant-based psychedelics are essential to combat this age of attention commodity and inflated ego.

Only us, the connected regardless of differences can build a brighter human future.


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