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CO2 Extraction. The highest form of removal of toxins and heavy metals.

Why Melo CBD?

Zero THC that can be trusted.

Our philosophy


MELO is a movement towards the future of elevated wellness. We believe that we are entering a new age of mental manipulation in which a natural counter is necessary to counter the unnatural.

Attention derived technology, rising anxiety and depression has placed the future of society on a divergent path.

A Net Positive.

MELO will strive to do things differently, giving back to planet Earth and the mathematical equation of nature we can not quite understand.

A company that believes in the importance of clean water and clean air. The silent crises that will plague the next 100 years,

For All.

Ego and ideology are quickly separating humanity into groups and subsections of people.

We fear for the loss of human consciousness that singular thread that binds our empathy and kindness. CBD oil and other plant-based psychedelics are essential to combat this age of attention commodity and inflated ego.

Only us, the connected regardless of differences can build a brighter human future.


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Inid Leksina - Head of REINFIT

"As athletes, one of the biggest obstacles to improving athletic performance is muscle recovery. MELO takes care of that! Since launch, I can't imagine not having MELO as part of my daily routine."

Antoine Vollmer - Triathlete & Senior Equinox Trainer

"As an athlete my recovery is very important. I found with MELO, one of the best tools to get the most recovering night, thanks MELO"

Cameron Moore - Actor

Have been using Melo Black for 3 months now and it’s firmly secured its place is my night-time routine. As soon as I use it my body seems to know it’s time to wind down and my sleep has been excellent. Highly recommended.